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The lab equipment make learning easier for students as scientific theories become easier when practically done. The educators believe that these labs impart to the students the skill of observation and research, concept, cognitive ability, understanding and interest. The Labs- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Labs - are places where students of Christ Academy, get hands on experience on their subject. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments and safety measures.

Basket Ball

Out door sports completes the physical growth of a child. 


Coach Phurbu Tsering is quite the maestro with the football. He is able to transfer this enthusiasm to the young learners of this game which teaches team spirit above all else.


The joy of perfect balance on Roller skates, the easy gliding movements have to be experienced to be believed. Mr. Anand trains the young ones in a dedicated skating area. The sounds of high glee that emanate from the skating classes often fill the air.



The fine tuning of the arm movements that help create champions is done with Mr. Shyam kumar Mishra. Mr. Mishra coaches the tennis enthusiasts in Tennis.


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