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Blossoms section of Kindergarten celebrated Graduation Day at 4:00pm in the CBSE Quadrangle on 24 th March, 2023. It was indeed a joyous and a memorable day not only for the little ones but also a proud moment for the parents and the teachers as they witnessed their children getting graduated from the Kindergarten.

Children were dressed up in beautiful attire. The celebration started with the welcome dance followed by the prayer where parents along with the teachers blessed the children. The theme CONgradULATIONS was unveiled by the fathers. They unveiled the Bud and showed the growth of flower from buds to bloom and how it blossoms. Children looked pretty in their graduation caps. Rev. Father Arun Vice-Principal was the chief guest. He congratulated the little graduates who were ready to move on to explore and accomplish yet another milestone in their lives. Rev. Fr. Lebin Vice- Principal junior college, as a guest of honour graced the event with his presence. Children received the graduation certificates from the fathers added to their happiness and blessed these little graduates. Indeed it was a wonderful evening full of emotions and a feeling of gratitude.


The birthday celebration of Fr. Arun and the teachers was celebrated with a lot of spirit and zeal at 4:00 pm on 18 th March. Grade 3 and 4 teachers conducted the prayer service for the day. KG team sung the wishing song followed by which Fr. Arun’s b’day cake cutting ceremony was organised. This was succeeded by an exuberant performance from the CBSE teachers, post which the teachers celebrating their birthdays were welcomed onto the stage. The ICSE teachers then showcased a brilliant dance programme on the stage to cap off the fun events for the day. Rev. Fr. Joice and Rev. Fr. Lebin vice Principal of PU College also imparted their words of wisdom to all the teachers present, also wishing Fr. Arun in their own unique ways. The vote of thanks was then proposed to conclude the event for the day.


The tiny tots and teachers of Buds celebrated Aquamania(The Ocean is everything….) as their Family Day on 4 th March, 2023. The event commenced at 4.30 the CBSE Quadrangle. The cultural events presented by all the eight sections of Buds was a delight. The program was presided over by Rev. Dr. Fr. Babu Paul, the Manager of Christ Academy educational institutions,as the chief guest who inaugurated the event and addressed the gathering. Rev. Fr. Joice, the Principal of Christ Academy, Rev. Fr. Arun, the Vice Principal of Christ Academy were the dignitaries of the day.

The event was celebrated with pomp and show. Children were dressed up in colorful costume apt to their theme. Parents’ performance was the added attraction to the program. Parent achievers were also felicitated for their achievement. The program ended with the Grand Finale.


Children of Blooms, Kindergarten celebrated their Family day, Ekta – Celebrating Togetherness on the evening of 25 th February 2023, in the CBSE quadrangle. Ekta- coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success. With this aim in mind we display students’ talents as well as recognize the exemplary achievements of parents who have inspired us through their diligent work. The students presented captivating and energetic performances. The highlights of the evening included performances by parents as well as grandparents. Their enthusiasm was contagious and had the audience on their feet. Games were also organized for the grandparents. It was actually fun watching them while playing the games. The beautiful evening came to an end with the breath taking performance by the teachers of Blooms.

This joyful event was graced by the presence of Rev. Dr. Fr. Babu Paul (Director, Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies), as our chief guest. Rev. Fr. Augustine, Rev. Fr.Shaju, and Rev. Fr. Joice, Principal, Christ Academy were the dignitaries of the day. Overall it was a wonderful family day.


Go Eco-friendly, Use Cloth Bag….
As a part of Christ Academy Green School initiative, the school made cloth bags and it was handed over to security personnel. The Nature Club students demonstrated skit to show the adverse effects of plastic on Mother Earth and children shouted slogans on the importance ofcloth bag and keeping our environment clean. The program was honoured by our administrator, Rev. Fr. Viju and Security in charge and security personnel, the bags were handed over to father who in turn gave to our security personnel at the entrance Any person entering the campus should carry eco-friendly bags if not they will be stopped by our security personnel and their bag will be replaced by the cloth bag.

This is our one step to save our earth.


A proud moment for Christ Academy CBSE School to be featured among the top One hundred six schools from across India  which were certified ‘green’ at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre , New Delhi.  On 21st. February 2023, at a ceremony conducted by Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Green School Programme (GSP).

Christ Academy CBSE School received  the award as  the Best school with Sustainable  Waste Management  Practices and was declared as the GSP Waste Warrior for the Year 2022-23. It was part of the 19 schools which received the topmost Annual Green School Awards for their exemplary initiatives in making their campuses environment-friendly and their students, environment-conscious.

Dr. Nilanjana Basu , Academic Coordinator of CBSE, attended the event and was enriched with the knowledge sharing that happened in GSP platform regarding green initiatives taken up by schools from different regions.  

This award is given every year by CSE, and is  based on an exhaustive and rigorous annual audit of resource management and environment-friendly practices within the school campuses; this audit is conducted by the schools themselves with CSE’s help.  This was 2nd. Year in a row that Christ Academy CBSE School bagged this award.

Over seven hundred schools from 29 states and Union territories vied for the honours; 19 of these received the top awards, and 106 were tagged as ‘green’. 436 government schools, 55 government-aided schools and 216 private schools participated in the audit. Each school which undertook the audit, was assessed by the Green Schools Programme on its resource consumption practices in six areas – water management, solid waste management, energy efficiency, air pollution control, land and biodiversity management, and food systems followed. 

Christ Academy  CBSE School, is the Only school from Karnataka region to receive this award .

THE 2022-23  GSP AWARDS : for more details on the award Check this link.


The much awaited Thanksgiving ceremony of ICSE and CBSE grade 10 students took place on 17 th February at the CBSE quadrangle. The programme started with the blessing of 262 students by our beloved Principal Rev. Father Joice. The two academic coordinators Dr.Nilanjana Basu and Dr. Sebastian P.G. handed over the class photos to the students. The blessing was accompanied by the prayer song sung by the teachers of the Department of Music. After the lighting of the lamp the teachers read the introductory prayer and holy Scriptures. Dr. Sebastian P.G. formally welcomed the gathering. The Intercessory Prayers were read by the Class teachers of Grade 10. Father Joice also addressed the gathering and inspired the students by his words of wisdom. He stressed on the fact that there is no substitute for hard work and also anticipated a brilliant result from the students. He also thanked the Academic coordinators and the teachers for their relentless hard work. Amrutha Hallemane of grade 10F offered a heartfelt thanking speech on behalf of the students. Theprogramme was concluded by the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Nilanjana Basu.


Inara or the Pinero, as many as these adjectives wouldn’t suffice to describe the maker and the founder of this institution Rev. Fr. Joice. His birthday on 9 th of February is a much awaited and looked forward to event by the entire lot in the campus. It is a day taken as an opportunity by the students and the staff of the ICSE and CBSE to show their gratitude and love to this great persona.

The programs were meticulously planned and executed where kindergartners to grade 10 students participated and undoubtedly made it a day not only for Fr. Joice but also themselves enjoying the events thoroughly. Fr. Joice, overwhelmed by the efforts of everyone was deeply touched and in return blessed and thanked everyone.



There are many causes of Climate Change and there are many effects. However, there are also many things that we can do to adapt to Climate Change and prevent further rises in temperature. Having this thought in mind Christ Academy Institution had organized a workshop titled ‘Climate Change Combat Campaign’ at 11:00am on the 13th December, 2022 in the Degree College Chavara Auditorium. The Speaker Mr.Harshavardha IRS, the Commissioner of Customs and GST along with Mr. Shiju Daniel
Thomas, the Peace Ambassador UN Delegation gave an orientation to the children. 400 children were participated in the program and benefited the session. They were oriented mainly on how the plastic could be reduced in usage, reused, and recycled. The speaker also stated that in the short- to medium-term, the health impacts of climate change will be determined mainly by the vulnerability of populations, their resilience to the current rate of climate change and the extent and pace of adaptation. In the longer-term, the effects will increasingly depend on the extent to which transformational action is taken now to reduce emissions and avoid the breaching of dangerous temperature thresholds and potential irreversible tipping points. Therefore, everyone should be involved to safeguard the environment for the future generation.


A b’day celebration of the teachers was held at Christ Academy on 17 th December, 2022.The entire gamut of teaching fraternity came together to celebrate both the special day of teachers and the Christmas. The theme for the celebration was ‘I am the vine and you are the branches’. The teachers who had celebrated b’day in the month of November and December were wished and blessed by Rev. Fr. Joice. He also shared the words of wisdom on the theme to warm up the day. B’day gifts for the teachers were given awayby the celebration committee.

After a sumptuous meal in the afternoon, the stage chimed with the carols by various teams comprising the teaching faculty. Judges of the competition had to deliberate for
long to give out the results. The day’s events reached the crescendo as results were announced and the gifts exchanged hands from the Santa to their friends and the other way around. The feel of Christmas was everywhere.


The colorful and a mesmerizing Family Day show was put up by the Kindergarten, Blossoms Section on 3 rd December, 2022 at CBSE quadrangle. The chief guest of the event was Dr. Fr. Babu Paul,Manager of Christ Academy Educational Institution & Director, Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies along with him the other eminent guests were Rev. Fr. Joice, Principal, Christ Academy& Academic Coordinators of ICSE & CBSE. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp followed by the Welcome dance by the teachers of Blossoms & the prayer dance by the lil’ ones of Blossoms.As the theme of the program was Phoenix …….Rise from the Ashes, it clearly mentions that having gone through the challenging times during last two years children were back with a bang to celebrate and enjoy their family day. All the children of Blossoms performed on the foot tapping music and made the event vibrant.The costumes were bright and colorful. Children as MCs made the event more attractive with beautiful narration of their dialogues. Parent Achievers were felicitated by Rev. Fr. Joice for their achievement. Performance of the parents and the grandparents were praiseworthy and they were appreciated for it. The chief guest along with the Principal addressed the parents on this special event. Overall the celebration was a memorable one.


Every year the Christ Academy group of Institution celebrates Kannada Rajyotsava with a lot of pomp and lustre. This year it was celebrated on the 25th November, 2022 in a grandiose way especially after a gap of two years. The programme was designed and executed by the department of Kannada. The celebration started with a warm welcome to the dignitaries of the day namely, Rev. Father Joice, Principal of Christ Academy, Academic Coordinators Dr. Nilanjana Basu, Dr. Sebastian, Mr. Martin, Sr. Nancy the Advisor of the Department of Kannada followed by the Lighting of the Lamp.

The students of CBSE offered their prayers with a graceful and devotion filled dance. Theaudience learnt about the rich cultural heritage of our beloved state Karnataka and her renowned sons Navadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and Sir. M Vishveshwarayya. The story of the origin of the holy Kaveri River was delivered through a captivating skit. The audience was enthralled by the dance which celebrated the achievements and hard work of the people living in the ancient cities of Karnataka. The programme ended with a marvellous fashion show on the rich tradition and heritage of Karnataka. Rev. Fr Joice the principalof the school also stressed on the fact and mentioned that the state has warmly welcomed the people of different culture, language and states; and made this state as their home. He also stated that we need to respect the culture, the language and the people of Karnataka. The amazing facts about Karnataka added to the knowledge of the audience through the songs. The children were able to spread the fragrance of Kannada language with their spectacular dance performance which left the audience spellbound. The ceremony ended with the Kannada Anthem.


Preservation of nature is the utmost aim of each and every individual. A pollution free environment is essential for all living beings. The advancement of science and technology have drawn our young generation away from the Nature to more and more of technology. Green school at Christ Academy was formed to sensitize, motivate and educate students about environment and its conservation, while being a part of it. The Vanavidyalaya at Christ Academy, the brain child of the CMI fathers, gives an immense opportunity to the young minds to remain connected with their roots. Towards this the Nature Club atChrist academy both the CBSE School conducted a one-day workshop for students of various  CBSE schools on 30/11/2022.The following schools participated in the workshop.


An exciting CBSE South Zone II football tournament for girls’ under-19 was hosted at CHRIST ACADEMY CBSE SCHOOL BANGALORE on 27th and 28th December, 2022.

The occasion was graced by the CBSE Regional officer Mr. Ramesh P Menon. After the Introduction of the Teams, the Chief Guest addressed the players and inspired them to show their talent in the true spirit of sportsmanship. The players were inspired to look at sports as a field of career. 13 schools from various states such as Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka were participated in this tournament. The match was full of excitement and curiosities. All the teams tried their best to play and win. The first match was played between Christ Academy School and Delhi Public School East, where DPS East Team won the first match of the tournament. The final match was played between Millennium National School and Elpro International School from Maharashtra, where Elpro International School won the match and become the champion of CBSE SOUTH ZONE II FOOTBALL GIRLS TOURNAMENT 2022.  The winner team, runner up and 2nd runner up team were awarded by the Trophy, Certificates and Medals. Ms. Vaisnavi Barate of Millennium National School was the best player of the tournament and Ms. Swarda Sawant of Elpro International School was the best goalkeeper, were awarded and encouraged for their laudable performances and felicitated with the trophies.




Christ Academy, ICSE and CBSE schools held their first annual sports meet after the pandemic hiatus on Saturday, 26th November 2022.  It was a bright and sunny morning as the school band escorted the chief guest, International athlete and national sprint champion, Mr. Arjun DevaiahTheethamada, to the school grounds.  Exuberance was the mood among inter-house march past participants as they marched to the tunes of the school band.The first event of the day commenced with 100 m final race for parents and teachers which was then followed by 800 m finals, after which was the 200 m finals, 400 m finals.  The shot put event and throwball match for parents took place simultaneously.  Blue house emerged as overall champions.




The 1st Edition of CHAVARA CUP – Inter-School Basketball Tournament was organized by the Christ Academy Sports Department. The tournament was held on 16th November, 2022 to promote healthy life style among the students and aiming to build wholesome development.

The tournament was graced by the Chief Guest, Ms.Kruthika Lakshman (International Basketball Player and Ekalavya Awardee). Rev.Fr. Viju, Rev. Fr. Joice and Academic coordinators were accompanied the guest to hoist the event. The energetic school band team welcomed the Chief guest and other dignitaries to the dais, followed by prayer song sang by school Choir group which was led by the Music department and the program continued by hoisting the school flag by the Chief Guest.

The chief guest said in her speech that all the players were not built up in short time to become the best and top players but they have had hard work to reach and become the best players. She also stated that students must be disciplined and consistency to become the key to success.

Christ Academy Chavara Cup – Inter School Basketball tournament was organised for under-12 and under-14 boys’ categories on a knockout basis. 19 teams from various schools (10 teams from under-14 category and 9 teams from under-12 category) had participated in the tournament. Teams that could reach the final matches were Sri Kumaran Children’s Home CBSE and The Cambridge International School from under 12 category and Christ Academy and Jyothy KendriyaVidyalaya from under-14 category.

From under-12 category, the winner’s trophy was lifted by the Sri Kumarans Children’s Home CBSE and Runners up trophy was lifted by the Cambridge International School.

From under-14 category, the winner’s trophy was lifted by the host team the Christ Academy and Runners up trophy was lifted by the Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya.


Art Fair 2022'

Every year the most awaited event on Children's Day is the ‘Art Day Celebration’.
Art Day was celebrated on Monday, 14 November 2022. This year it was named as 'Art Fair 2022' with the tagline “Here everyone is an Artist...” 
On this occasion, students were permitted to wear coloured clothes of their choice and various art competitions were conducted for all grades from 1 to 10.

The excitement and participation of students was tremendous. The inauguration of the Art Fair 2022 was in the hands of our beloved Principal Rev. Fr. Joice. He unveiled its colourful peacock Logo at after which all the solo events commenced smoothly. 

Competitions for grade 1 to 4 were conducted in their respective classes. The students of grade 1 and 2 enthusiastically participated in Landscape colouring, drawing & coloring and collage events. For grades 3 & 4, along with art, many craft events like Origami, Eye Mask making were added. Primary grade students had a fun time all day by doing art & craft activities and exploring their creativity.

Art competitions were conducted for Middle and High school students too, where they could participate in group and solo events of their choice.

Grades 5 to 8 had 7 solo events namely Drawing and Colouring, Pencil Shading, Pot Painting, Glass Painting, Fabric Painting, Clay Modelling and Watercolour Painting. This was followed by 5 group events such as Rangoli, Mehendi, Collage, Model Making, and Face Painting.

Similarly, for Grades 9 & 10 the 3 solo events such as Painting, Pencil shading and Doodle Art and the 2 group events such as Face Painting and Hand Painting were conducted.

All the events were spread out all through the day in different venues to allow student participation in more than two events & have fun and frolic with colours.

Children were naturally creative and full of imagination. The opportunity, freedom, Material and space were given to them to let their creativity blossom to its full potential to showcase their talents on the Art Day. The impressive artworks had been created by students and validated the same.



After a break of two years , Christ Academy Courtyards were rippling with talents on August 5 and 6, 2022 as the institute, CBSE and ICSE together -celebrated the cultural fest Tarang 1.0.

The programme was inaugurated in the presence of Rev.Dr Fr. Davis Pannekal, CMI, the esteemed provincial of the Deva Matha province. The guest of honour of the day was Ms. Tejaswini Balaji, an acclaimed dancer, who enthralled the audience with her mesmerising dance performance and enriched the students with an inspirational speech.

Students from grade 1 to 10 participated in various events like fancy dress ,solo dance ,solo song ,mono act , Mime ,stand-up comedy, Group dance, group Song, street  play and music composition. There were programmes put up by teachers ,advisors and academic coordinators as well to add to the flavour of the event.

Students and teachers enjoyed both the days in fun and frolic and at the end the purple house was declared the winner of the cultural fest 2022., followed  by the blue house and the orange house as the two runners up.

The hard work of the cultural committee was appreciated by the principal Rev. Dr Fr. Joice.

Cultural committee 2022



Both needs one motive and an outcry rather a resolute to make this world a better place to live. This was explained and experienced in a simple yet impacting way at Christ Academy on 4th june ,2022 ,for grade 8,9 and 10 and on 30th june for 1 to seven grades .The initiative named UNA TERRA left no stone unturned to make everyone aware what is the dire need and responsibility towards the mother earth to sustain her.

The guests of honour, Dr.T.V Ramachandra , Co Ordinator , Energy & Wetlands Reaseach , Indian Institute of Science Bangalore  raised the bar of the event through his extra ordinary shairing.      

Ms Lalithamba B .V, an environmentalist  shared her views and emphasized on leading zero waste life.

The program was unveiled with lighting of the lamp,invoking the Almigtyand the flow of events began.The social awareness session by team FATE on food recycling was an eyeopener to the audience.

The intention to create consciousness was a success as the program was layered with exhibition of 170 eco-friendly science projects and quiz on environment which were viewed and judged and appreciated .The students also involved in varios activities based on the theme’Only One Earth’ and took a pledge to take smaller steps to reduce,reuse and recycle.

The highlight was the inauguration of Vana Vidyalaya,a farm for the students to carry forward eco-friendly farming.

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